ProActive Delivery

Driving efficiency in Delivery.

ProActive Delivery

ProActive Delivery platform is driving efficiency in delivery through optimized planning, routing, smart active monitoring and proactive notifications fixing the customer experience, and increasing deliverability for logistic operators.

We bring a noticable improvement in the customer experience; improving the delivery experience. This experience is becoming the only physical interaction with an online supplier; the ability to maintain their brand during the last mile delivery is unique in the market. The proactive notifications improves the deliverability rates and reduces the time to complete a drop. Improving first attempt delivery rate will reduce the costs of logistics operators.

We have ProActive monitoring and analysis, we focus on where you are going and not where you’ve been. The integration of trip planning and live tracking means that we can look at more than the current job, call out potential incidents before we have late deliveries, enabling proactive action and improved customers outcomes.

We do real time optimized routing and trip planning, that is proactive; based on what you are going to do rather than what you did previously. This is the next iteration in trip planning; we can incorporate historical optimized routing to get the best of both worlds.

We spend a lot of time on the usability of the platform and in particular the worker experience. This was a major pain point brought up by operators, the majority of systems in market are very complex for the worker, causing repeated data entry issues.

The increased customer expectations creates an incredible opportunity for a differentiator in quality customer experience. As an added bonus our improved experience also others direct financial reward by increasing deliverability rates, visibility and increasing asset utilisation.


Plan & Dispatch

Integrated route and job management. Managing complex multi-drop runs across multiple varying vehicles, with support for dynamically adding new jobs in real-time. We blend the on-demand and scheduled systems in a way that works with the real world.


Our mobile apps empower both the workforce and consumers with routing and ETAs. Proof of delivery and last-minute changes to the delivery address are just some of the advantages of our mobile app built for delivery persons. Our mobile-first web application also others the same advantages to consumers using their mobile browser.


Our brand approach also means Delivery Operator is the main brand, ProRoute is there to make your business shine.

Can also offer ecommerce / online businesses to showcase their own brands via co-branded notifications and interactions. A differentiator in the industry and a critical one for the ecommerce customer experience.


We are focused on deliverying value to our customers, these are some of the ways we improve delivery.

Australian Streets

Our street search has over 13 Million GPS tagged addresses, the most comprehensive local address system.

Active Track

View your fleets in real time and where they are going, not just where they have been. Sharable ETA and delivery tracking are available for your clients.

Optimised Runs

We can plan your trips, including time windows, capacity and shifts.

Dynamic Jobs

We blend on-demand and scheduled deliveries, to support real delivery demands.

Time Focused

The most important factor is time, that is our primary focus.


Notify Workers, Customers and Recievers with automatic notifications Push / Email / SMS etc.

Parcel Type

The system is configurable to manage capacity enabling support for different use cases.

Vehicle Support

We support lots of vehicle types, from bicycle to trucks with custom routing and ETA for each.

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