Smart City

How we can improve city services in real time.

Smart City

Cities of the future will be enabled by technology. In order to ensure our cities are liveable and prosperous, Australia can lead with smart cities.


Mobile workers can have lots of manual processes automated which let them get back to the core of their jobs and improves their efficiency. We offer automated planning, automated alerts with ETA and customisable paperless forms (sign off, job flow etc) to make your business processes as easy as possible.

Let us help you improve repsonse time, outcomes and the public experience. We can help improve city services today.

Unlease the Potential

The impact of new technologies is coming fast, with our skills, experience and technolgies we can help you become a smart city.

Future Focus

The evolution of technologies in Location, Voice Interaction, Electric Vehicles, Self Driving, AI and Drones will reshape the future of cities. We can aid you in harnessing their benefits.

Machine Learning, AI and Big Data

As an optimization company we use Big Data and Machine Learning to gather knowledge for smart-city insights.

Australian Streets

Our street search has over 13 Million GPS tagged addresses, the most comprehensive local address system.

Time Focused

The most important factor is time, its the most scare resource and our primary focus. Integrated Job and Trip planning, enables you to support the dynamic nature of the real world.

Paperless Forms

Need a vehicle check, job checklist etc. save time and trees with us.


As a platform we publish information into your systems, streamlining and improving existing businesses.

Flexible Mobile Workforce

Need a new team for a day or a subcontractors, expand or contract your mobile work force in minutes.


Notify Workers, Customers and Stakeholders with automatic notifications Push / Email / SMS etc.

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