ProActive Transporter

Driving efficiency in Transport.

ProActive Transporter

The Transporters are the backbone of commerce, without them the world as we know would ground to a halt.

Operating a transporting business is hard with continued downward pressure on margins. Let us help you have better visiblity of operations. We are not an asset management company we focus on the actual core operations of knowing where people and jobs are at all times.

Value Focus

We offer the standard trip tracking, sign on glass etc. Were we are pushing forward is in better supporting the operations, actively checking if we will miss a runs last timeslots, proactive alerts and driver monitoring.

Paperless Forms

Need a vehicle check, job checklist etc. save time and trees with us.


As a platform we publish information into your systems, streamlining and improving existing businesses.

Plug and Play

Our system hosted in the cloud and delivered via mobile apps means you could be operational in minutes.

Capture Wait Times

Are your drivers waiting for loading? How much time is being wasted?

Scalable Fleets

Need a new truck for a day or a subcontractor, expand or contract your fleet in minutes.

Active Track

Understand your runs and track their progress with our active monitoring, helping you manage real life risks and duty of care.

Get in touch

If you'd like to arrange a demo or find out more, drop us a message and we will get back to you.